Our History


  • The Vision

    The first part of November 1967, Bro. James Gardner, Pastor of Moore’s Fork Baptist Church, in Clermont County, felt led to see if an interest existed in the Lynchburg area for a sound New Testament Baptist Church.  Upon inquiry, interest was found.

  • God Opened The Door

    An empty church building was found on Freiburg & High Sts. in Lynchburg, which was leased with the option of buying at the end of the lease.  The work opened with a two-week meeting, January 2-14, 1968, with Bro. Gardner preaching each night, except Thursdays, with Bro. James Head of Wilmington filling in.  Sunday, January 7, 1968, Bro. Robert Miller of Dayton, KY, preached, at which time there were 5 requests for membership, plus 2 confessions of faith.  On January 14 & 28, Bro. Terry Parnell of Dayton, KY, preached.  January 21, Bro. Alwin Pflueger of Moore’s Fork preached.

  • A Pastor Called

    February 1, 1968, Moore’s Fork Baptist Church extended the call to Robert Miller to pastor the Lynchburg mission.  He is to give full time to the work.  He is to lead the people there in complete accord with the position of the sponsoring church in all matters of doctrine and practice.  At such time that the mission and sponsoring church agree, the mission will be organized into a local Independent Baptist Church.  Bro. Miller accepted the pastorate, and with his wife, Cinda, and son, Robby, moved to 301 S. Main St., Lynchburg, on February 24, 1968.

  • An Independent Baptist Church

    January 9, 1971, the mission was organized into the Faith Baptist Church, with 32 charter members, with the sanction and consent of Moore’s Fork Baptist Church.

    We thank God for those who were instrumental in the establishment of the mission, which ultimately led to the church here.  Also, we especially appreciate those of our number who have been and are continuing in the Lord’s work.

    Our doctrines and our teachings today are still the same as they were when we started in 1968.  We have not changed, nor is there any reason to change, as Truth doesn’t change, nor does a belief in the Truth change.

    “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us” 1 Samuel 7:12