Enduring Faith

In the days of David, when the bottom had dropped out of everything, and David’s men even spake of stoning him, he encouraged himself in the Lord. (1 Samuel 30:6) When Job had lost everything, and was being attacked by his friends, he declared that even though God would slay him, he would still trust in Him (Job 13:15) When Paul rebuked the feared Alexander the coppersmith and all men forsook Paul, his testimony was that the Lord stood with him and strengthened him.

It’s nice to be in the company of those who support you. But in these last days, when everything is being turned upside down, and evil men are waxing worse and worse, the Devil is seeking to tear down anything and everyone that is right and good.

In this day of covenant breakers, lack of natural affection, and disobedience to parents, there will be more working against children honoring and obeying their parents in the Lord than there will be encouraging them to do so. Church member, there will be more working to turn you away from following a ministry that is sound in the Word, than there will be promoting you to stay with it. Unless people are really given over to watching and praying and proving what is acceptable unto the Lord, the offenses of these times will swallow them up. The voices against the way of God’s Word will far outnumber the “still small voice” calling people to God’s will and way.

Many things will lend themselves to discouraging true faith in this time when truth is being challenged rather than respected. Family ties, circumstantial involvements, peer pressure, popular opinion, will all seek to turn one aside. When sound doctrine is hard to endure, any small thing makes it seem unbearable, let alone some big trial or tribulation.

Will our allegiance to the truth stand the tests and trials that we will undergo? The need is to take root in sound doctrine and the understanding of the righteousness of God’s laws. Without a personal appreciation of God’s ways above all else, then the tests of our times will persuade one to abandon God’s way to just do what is convenient for self.